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To be a great leader, you have to be a leader of leaders – KTSJ

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The idea behind this blog is to provide insight and feedback into things that I have come across. While I was being recruited by one company, I had several conversations with one of the VPs over a number of topics. During one discussion, he mentioned that having an informational blog is beneficial to many, even if we do not have all of the answers. I found this to be interesting, but true. Somebody has faced, or will face, the same issue that you resolved, or had questions about at some point. This blog will touch on resolutions for issues I worked through, feedback on what I have come across while managing interns, and other community-based initiatives, as well as random short stories.

Fortunately, I grew up the son of a soldier. My father was in the Army, and through him, I was able to have a lot of valuable experiences. The diverse cultures I lived around enabled me to better interact with various people, and see things in different ways. I believe that these experiences helped shape the person that I am today, as well as my analytical and problem-solving skills. Being able to see how various situations are handled by different cultures is an invaluable experience.